Martin Marietta Facility

This recently shut down Martin Marietta Facility was orignally owned by RCA. GE's Astro Space Division took it over and operated it until the mid-90's when Martin Marietta bought it. This is the place where many NOAA weather satellites were built, as well as various communication satellites, space shuttle components, and the Mars Observer probe.

I'll be the first to admit this demolition project is not the most exciting one on the site, but it hit me close to home in a way. I worked here from 1990 to 1991, during a time when the plant was owned by GE-Astro.

The pictures were taken on August 21, 1999.

Please be patient while photo loads Please be patient while photo loads
This view looking west along Rt. 535, shows what used to be the front office building and visitor parking area. It is hard to tell if this building is being demolished or renovated. The exterior walls have been carefully removed, leaving the main structure intact. This leads us to wonder if the building is being saved for reuse. This view was taken from a parking lot on the west side of the site. While we were there, a wrecking ball was being used to break up a foundation on a building that had been torn down. Several small buildings have already been removed from this part of the site. The fate of the remaining 3-story buildings are unknown.

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Created: September 26, 1999