Photos of Jack Frost Sugar Refinery - Phase 2:

Jack Frost Sugar Refinery Wrecking Balled Area
This is how the Jack Frost Sugar Refinery looked after the first implosion, but before any further demolition was done to the remainder of the buildings. The far wing of the building was wrecking balled to clear space for the main building to fall towards.

Before Demolition Ready for Implosion
This is the front of the main building before it was stripped for demolition. The year 1901 is engraved on the keystone at the top of the building. The bottom 4 floors were stripped of bricks prior to the implosion, and the keystone was removed.

Jack Frost Imploding Dust Cloud after Implosion
This is an associated press photo of Jack Frost imploding. Our own pictures of this did not turn out. This is the dust cloud that followed the implosion.

Steel Smokestacks in Rubble Rubble Pile
This is what is left of the 2 steel smokestacks on top of the main building. This is the whole pile of rubble immediately after the implosion.

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Last Updated: November 2, 1998