One Meridian Plaza

Shown here is a current Philadelphia skyscraper demolition. It is not an implosion, but a rather unique project in which the building will be dismantled piece by piece. The building was severely damaged in fire, the top half beyond repair. The city tried find a buyer for the building, who would renovated the bottom part, then rebuild a new top half. Since the attempt failed, the entire building is being demolished. The reason for the unique demolition method, is the Meridian is physically attached to another skyscraper next to it, which is being renovated into a hotel. It is also across the street from city hall. An implosion cannot be done here without risking serious property damage to surrounding structures.

A special thanks to a friend who asked to remain anonymous, for providing Phillyblast with the first 3 photos. These were taken in January 1999, when the dismantling had just begun.

Meridian Meridian Meridian
A good view from Broad Street showing the Meridian and the building it is attached to. The building attached to the Meridian will be renovated into a hotel. This close-up view shows the physical attachment preventing the Meridian from being able to be imploded.

The composite photo below was taken from the corner of Broad St. & 15th St. on October 23, 1999. This is all that is left of the Meridian Tower, which was taken apart piece by piece during the year.

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Created: July 6, 1999
Last Updated: October 24, 1999