Photos of Murphy Homes Implosion

Buildings 2&3 before Implosion Building 4 before Implosion
This enlarged view of Buildings #2 & #3 was taken from Mulberry St. about an hour before the implosion. This enlarged view shows Bldg. #4 about an hour before the implosion as viewd from Mulberry St. Buildings #2 & #3 are in the background.

Buildings before Implosion Implosion of Bldgs. #2 & #3
This picture was taken just minutes before the implosion from the corner of Mulberry St. and Schroeder St. On the left side (next to the "No Stopping" sign) you can just make out the top of Bldg. #1. On the right side is Bldg. #2 & Bldg. #3 respectively. The building in the foreground is Bldg. #4. This enlarged view shows Bldg. #2 & #3 falling simultaneously. #2 collapsed to the left, while #3 went to the right.

Implosion of Bldg. #4 Dust Cloud
Last but not least, Bldg. #4 crumbles in a spectacular blast. It wasn't until all 4 buildings were down, that this ominous cloud of dust billowed up over the city. The heavy, humid air prevented it from spreading towards most of the crowd.

Rubble from Bldg. #4 Oops!!
This pile of debris was once Bldg. #4, the one closest to our viewing spot. It fragmented well, and was contained within its own footprint. OOPS!! What happened here? It looks like Bldg. #2 took down more than planned. Debris from the building crushed a 50 foot section of brick wall, spilling rubble onto the street and sidewalk.

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Created: July 6, 1999
Last Updated: August 8, 1999