What's New for February 2019:


New Site for Martin Tower Demolition:

Posted: 2/23/19

After a 13 year hiatus, Phillyblast is back! We both live in the Lehigh Valley now and decided to revive the site to cover the demolition of a local landmark. Much to our dismay, the former 21-story home of Bethlehem Steel known as Martin Tower, will be demolished in the coming months. Although it is not confirmed, we have reason to believe it will be imploded.

We have talked about modernizing this site for a while, but the Martin Tower demolition has made it a more urgent matter. For nostalgia we intend to preserve this legacy version as, and have set up an interim new site at for the sole purpose of covering the Martin Tower demolition. Later, when the dust settles, we will get to work on a new and improved site which will incorporate our older adventures.

Demolition Forum:

Posted: 2/17/06

We have just learned of a great new forum for discussions on demolition work. At Demolition Forum you can meet up with many professionals in the business and find answers to your questions about demolition. Check it out at

Website Tuneup:

Posted: 12/26/05

This site has just been relocated to a new host and has been given a thorough tuneup. Dead links have been removed, email service has been restored and the screensavers which have been offline for a while are now available again by clicking the "Features" button at the top of the screen.

Also, I've had some inquiries as to why the site has not been updated recently. The simple answer is that there hasn't been any implosion activity in my area since Vet Stadium almost 2 years ago. This site is not dead and will be updated as soon as we get some action around here again.

I have also had to do one more thing that I have resisted for years. I have had to turn this into an advertising supported site. The increased expenses over the years have made it impossible to maintain without advertising and I hope you will understand as well as support the site.

Veterans Stadium Successfully Imploded:

Posted: 3/21/04

Earlier today, we travelled to Philadelphia to photograph the implosion of Veterans Stadium. It has been nearly two years since we've attended an implosion, and we were thrilled to finally have that chance again. We watched and took our photos from an 11th floor room at the nearby Holiday Inn. Click here for our article, photos and animation.

Veterans Stadium Implosion Veterans Stadium Implosion Veterans Stadium Implosion

We presently do not have any information on upcoming implosions, but stay tuned. We are always on the watch for more action and hope that activity in the industry picks up soon.

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Last Updated: February 23, 2019