Photos of PennDOT Implosion:

2 weeks before Implosion 1
View from Forster St. 2 weeks before the implosion. One bay on the west wing was predemolished due to its proximity to the state Archive Building and a museum. The first round of charges are set off. If you look carefully, you can see the top left corner of the building starting to sag.

Implosion 2 Implosion 3
Going . . . . . . going . . .

Implosion 4 Implosion 5
. . . still going . . . . . . GONE!!!!

Dust Cloud Rubble Pile
Due to the still air, the cloud of dust hovered over the demolition site, and took a while to fully dissipate. This view is looking across Forster St. at the pile of rubble.

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Last Updated: November 2, 1998