RCA Electronics Lab Complex - Lowrise Demolition

This 4-building, 500,000 square foot complex was originally owned by RCA. Building #1 was built in the 1950's, as well as Building #2 which was joined to it. These 2 buildings made up the east wing. The west wing, Building #3, was built in the 1960's. The main feature of the site, a 6-story concrete and glass tower known as Building #4, was not built until the mid 1970's. We don't know when RCA sold the property, but in recent years, it was occupied by Harris Semiconductor. They vacated it earlier this year.

All 4 buildings are being torn down to build a new shopping center. Demolition work began around early July, when Building #3 was torn down. This was followed by tearing down Buildings #1 & #2 during August and September. The main building, #4, was torn down on Monday, November 15, 1999. It was done conventionally, with nothing more than a wrecking ball and a crane.

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This photo of Building #3 being demolished was taken in early July 1999. This one-story building on the west side of the site could clearly be seen from Route 202. Also taken in early July 1999, this picture shows the main tower around the time demolition work began on Building #3. Already, vandals had broken windows on the west side of the tower.

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This view taken from the east side of the site on 8/21/99, shows the main tower along with the front side of Building #1. Demolition of Building #1 began several days after this was taken. Taken from the same area is the side wall of Building #1. In the background is the electric power station, and one of the demolition machines getting ready to start work on the building.

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This view of the whole site was taken 8/21/99 from the railroad tracks on the west side of the site. Building #3 is already gone and site work has begun in the parking lot area. This gloomy view in the northwest corner of the second floor, is what used to be someone's office. Ceiling tiles are ripped out, windows were smashed by vandals, walls graffittied, and debris littered everywhere.

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As of 9/24/99, this is the what remains of the foundation wall of Building #1. The floor of Building #2 has already been torn out. Piles of debris from Building #2 are being sorted out in what used to be its own basement.

On September 24, 1999 we had the pleasure of touring the site while demolition work was taking place on the remainder of Buildings #1 & #2. We would like to thank Dominic and Jimmy Mazza of Mazza & Sons Demolition for providing the information, and the site tour. Jamie personally, would like to thank Vivian for keeping me updated on what's been going on at the site, for contacting Mazza to set up the visit, and for providing many of the photos used here.

Also, check out a bonus page of photos from the roof of the tower. Our climb up there was well worth it, and we are probably the last people who will ever enjoy the view from there. Additional photos and information will be posted here within the next few weeks.

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Created: September 26, 1999
Last Updated: November 22, 1999