Photos from the Roof of the RCA Tower

The following photos were taken during a site visit on 9/24/99:

Please be patient while photo loads Please be patient while photo loads
This view was taken looking southwest. We're standing on the floor of what was once Buildings #1&2. Look at the top, right side of the building. You will see a large portion of louvers torn out of the roof area. It is through that opening that the next 3 pictures were taken. The roof provided a nice view of the machinery used to crush up the concrete debris into small chunks that can be recycled to put down as a base for the new parking lot.

This view looking northwest, shows where the new parking lot will be. Site work for the new shopping center is already being done, while demolition continues on other ares of the site. At the bottom of the photo, is the remainder of piles of debris from Building #3. Please be patient while photo loads

I put this composite photo together from 2 separate ones. It shows the entire area taken up by Builings #1 & #2, as well as the power plant for the complex. Most of the floor has already been torn out of these buildings, and all the piles of debris are sitting in what used to be the basement. At the right side of the photo, you can see what little bit remains of the floor. It will be gone early during the week of 9/27/99.

Please be patient while photo loads Please be patient while photo loads
Here we're standing on the north side of the roof looking south, with our backs to the opening the above photos were taken from. On the left side of the photo, is the old electrical rooms that powered the building. On the right, you can see a tiny opening in the roof louvers. That is where the next photo was taken from. This beautiful view is of Route 202 looking west. The clear land at the bottom, right corner is where the front of Building #3 used to be.

Also, be sure to view the demolition of the main building that occured on November 15, 1999.

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Created: September 26, 1999