Reading Grain Elevator - Test Shots

On February 3, 1999, test shots were performed on 2 building columns, one interior and one exterior. These tests help the blaster determine what needs to be done for the actual implosion.

Ready for test shot

This test shot was on an exterior column near the southwest corner of the building. The explosives are loaded into the column, then the column is wrapped with a wire cage to help contain the exploding chunks of concrete. That is wrapped with a tarp to further contain flying debris.

Exterior test shot in progress

BOOM!!! The test shot is a success. An interior column on the opposite side of the building was also shot at the same time.

Exterior column after test shot

After the test shot, the blaster returns to the building to examine the results. The test helps determine several things; to ensure the charges are powerful enough to cut the column, and to see how well flying debris is contained. These shots were a success, and let the blaster know what, if any, adjustments need to be made for the actual implosion.

Interior column after test shot

This interior column in the southeast corner of the building was also shot. In this picture, the rebar has been cut out of the column after the test.

Phillyblast extends a special "thank you" to Brent Blanchard of Protec Documentation Services for the 3 photos of the exterior column test shot.

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Created: February 20, 1999